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We are committed to clean energy, and to helping everyone use less energy. Our Energy Cost Awareness Program℠ (ECAP℠) makes it easy to see how you’re using power, and how to save money on your electricity bill by reducing energy usage. ECAP℠ is simple but powerful. It analyzes your energy use, and makes specific, easy to carry out recommendations that will make a real difference in energy efficiency at your home. Often it’s the simplest changes that can make the biggest difference.

ECAPSM is coming soon! Check back for a link.

Meet Earnest, The ECAP Expert

Earnest is our resident ECAP℠ expert. He’s always here with helpful hints, including money saving tips and great energy conservation techniques. Earnest will pop up just about anywhere, ready with great ideas for saving money and the planet.

It's so easy to do the bright thing.